Established in the Federal Capital Territory in 1991, as a Nursery and Primary School known as NAPO Private School. In 2007, it expanded to include the Secondary School.

NAPO International School was formed solely on the basis that education is a transformational tool and key to success. Being an idea that the founder, Mrs. Esther Bali, strongly believes in, she and her ever growing team of dedicated and hardworking staff constantly make it their goal to ensure that the wellbeing of each and every child is catered for as they are groomed to become disciplined and visionary leaders with the potential to impact their worlds. Along with this, students are also encouraged to be confident, creative and innovative as they strive to be all-rounders in all areas of life.

The school consists of Early years, Primary and Secondary Schools, catering for ages from 18 months to 16 plus.


We understand that not all students learn the same way. Indeed there is great diversity in the way children learn. However, by providing an environment that recognizes and embraces their differences, we are able to maximize individuals’ potential.

In NAPO, we empower Children with an enquiring mind and a desire for knowledge and excellence, raising disciplined, Godly, honest and transparent future global leaders. NAPO is where potential is nurtured and Success is realised.

We look forward to working with the students, parents and teachers in creating an even more exciting future for this truly unique and inspiring school. Remember, education in the 21st century relies on a strong supportive partnership between the students, the parents and the staff.