Early Years

Welcome to Early Year School

Welcome to the Early Years section of NAPO International School. Early Years at NAPO is a warm, fun-filled and exciting place that creates the necessary stimulating atmosphere needed to develop your child’s formative years.

Life is not just about learning to read and write but also developing confident children, who are able to love, compete, face challenges, cooperate, succeed, explore and maximise their potentials.

Our curriculum is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), while incorporating the strength of the Nigerian, American and Montessori curricula. This ensures that our children have the all-round development required to succeed and contribute responsibly in the global society.

Our warm, loving and well experienced team treat each child as unique, enabling him/her achieves the desired goals, appropriate to his/her individual stage and our approach is broad and balanced.

Early Years visit to Farmers Market

#Living the value: (healthy Living#)
Our Early Years children were at the farmers market to showcase the benefits of healthy living. We all went shopping for fruits and vegetables. This provided an opportunity for the children to learn about the right food to eat.

Learning in Early Years is fun…….

In our early years we promote physical exercise and healthy eating.