Board Of Trustees


Dr. Bata Musa (MFR)  

Dr. Bata Musa (MFR) – Member, BOT NAPO International Schools – Abuja

Dr. Bata Musa (MFR) is an astute administrator of impeccable character. He has a Doctorate Degree in Education.

He is a former Senior Lecturer and Ag. Head of Department, Faculty of Education University of Lagos – Akoka.
Dr. Bata Musa (MFR) was a former Federal Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development as well as the National Boundary Commission.
He has 63 publications to his credit some of which have been published in national and international journals as well as hosted a series of Network programmes on NTA.

Dr. Nanna Bali Chidi

Dr. Nanna Bali Chidi – Emmanuel has spent the past 20 years supporting, designing, leading and advancing health programming in Nigeria and abroad. She is a recognized public health physician who is widely sought after for her expertise in improving access and health outcomes for women of reproductive age, newborns, children and
adolescents. Her depth of understanding of clinical practice and sustainable development spans the non-profit, public and private sectors with a special interest in
using evidence to shape implementation, policy and legislation so that they work for the most vulnerable.

Dr. Nanna is known for championing holistic approaches and is therefore heavily invested in multi-sectoral engagements that empower beneficiaries through life skills,
education, agriculture and entrepreneurship. She has a strong background in field-level management and previously held senior positions with leading international non-profits.

Dr. Nanna is adept at aiding learning through both formal instruction and non-traditional methods. As a certified master trainer, she has upgraded the skill levels of scores of healthcare workers across the country. Her passion has driven her to identify several innovative practices and share such insights through networks of like minds across the globe. Currently she also sits on the board of the White Ribbon Alliance (for safe motherhood) Nigeria and Plan International and is the Executive Director – Health Programs at the Education Development Foundation for Excellence (EDFE).

Dr. Nanna obtained a Master’s degree in Community Medicine from the University of Liverpool and a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Jos.
As a firm believer in lifelong learning, her quest for knowledge has also taken her to obtain certifications from prestigious institutions including Georgia Tech and the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts.”